What is Openly?

Openly is on a mission to make a significant positive impact for people, planet and business.

As a world first sustainability accreditation, Openly leads the way, championing corporate commitment to integrity in government dealings – whether lobbying, tendering seeking grants or the like.

Openly recognises that integrity in corporate-government dealings is critical to sustainable policy-making and to sustainable business value.

The advantages of Openly accreditation and education are manifold. Principally in helping robust public policy-making and ensuring corporations are equipped with the tools to unlock commercial value, manage risk and secure a licence to operate.

Integrity underpins sustainability

Openly is poised to complement and enhance existing sustainability/ESG strategies.

Materiality assessments increasingly place ethics, transparency and integrity in the top quadrant – Openly provides a robust, simple and meaningful response.

“Behind each breach of a company’s environmental or social commitments lies ineffective corporate governance, be it inadequate anti corruption practices, perverse incentive structures, contradictory lobbying activity, or ill-equipped leadership.”


Source - World Economic Forum, July 2022


agree that for lobbying government to be good, it needs to be open

Source - Independent research conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Openly. August, 2023. Nationally representative sample of New Zealand: n=1,002.

Openly’s services


Openly Accreditation is a designation that a business is acting with integrity when dealing with governments, whether that is lobbying, partnerships, tendering or similar. Openly Accreditation is simple yet rigorous and designed to complement existing ESG reporting processes. Corporations lodge a Disclosure Statement containing an assessment and an attestation.


Openly Education is designed to give directors, senior leaders and those at the coal-face the tools, knowledge and confidence to undertake government interaction with integrity, thereby managing risk and driving sustainable value.

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